Anatoly Karpov Historical Moment in Chess! You must to Know!! Who Rule to Chess


The Historical Moment of Anatoly Karpov! Who rule to chess

Peak Rating 2780
Anatoly Karpov


         BORN : 23 MAY, 1951.

         BIRTH : RUSSIA

         PEAK RATING : 2780.

The 12th World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov was giant in chess in 1975 to 1985. He had peak rating of 2780. He was consider as a long time world Chess Champion. He got World Champion again in 1993 and took top position till 1999.

He started his career in chess in very young age. He achieved International Master at the age of 18 and next year he got grandmaster title.

Karpov beat so many chess giant like Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Tal, Viktor Korchnoi and Viswanathan Anand etc.

World Chess Championship in 1975

He was qualified to play with Bobby Fischer but match was not set due to dispute over the match format. Fischer also refused to play, so Karpov won the Championship by defaulter.

World Chess Championship in 1978 and 1981

This tournament held in Baguino City. Karpov beat Viktor Korchnoi by 16.5-15.5 point. During that tournament he won 6 matches, 5 lost and 21 matches were drawn and took his position as it is.

In 1981 Chess Championship held in Merano where Viktor Korchnoi beat by him in long 11-7 piont. The 18th tound tournament Karpov won 6 round and lost 2 match and 10matches are drawn.

Rivalry Between Kasparov and Karpov

Kasparov play with Karpov from 1984 to 1990 world chess championship where they played 144 round. Among 144 round 19 games won by Karpov and 21 won by Kasparov and rest 104 games were found as drawn.

Other chess world championship stated below:-





World Chess Championship in 1993

Jan Timman



World Chess Championship in 1996

Gata Kamsky



World Chess Championship in 1998

Viswanathan Anand



"Anatoly Karpov" vs "Boris Spassky"

{Site "Montreal"}{"Date 1979"}[Result "1-0"]

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