Anatoly Karpov never got win against Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura best win against Anatoly Karpov

Nakamura won the tournament in Trophee CCAS KO in 31th October 2008. That event set in Cap d’Agde Fra. He got 7.5 point, after finished the tournament Nakamura stand top position.

In this Tournament Nakamura faced chess legend Anatoly Karpov. They played four round during this session. Nakamura won 2 round and 2 round remain drawn.

In this round Karpov blundered in 38th move and lost the game. That was a great victory of Nakamura in his career and Karpov’s biggest lost against Nakamura.


Hikaru Nakamura(2704) vs Anatoly Karpov(2651)

Site "Cap d’Agde Fra" Date 31.10.2008

Result "1-0"

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