Mikhail Tal a Wonderful Chess Genius in Chess History


Mikail Tal a best game against Bobby Fischer

Mikhail Tal was the eight World Chess Champion. He was one of the top grandmaster at that era. At the age of 23, he became youngest chess champion in Moscow to defeated Mikhail Botvinnik in 1960 by score 12.5-8.5 points. He started chess at the age of six and got International title at the age of 16. He perform well and stand top position in 1958 and 1959 chess championship tournament. He was top form in 1958-1960. His highest elo rating was 2705 in 1980, his highest historical Chess metrics rating was 2799, in 1960. He won such very biggest tournament like Prague Radio Sim in 1960 by 15.5 points, Stockholm tournament and many more tournament. He was famous for his complex moves and known for genius attacking player and opponents always face problem during the game. He is such a great legend in chess. His best books are "The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal".

The dominance power of Tal was extremely splendid. You can see the dominance power of Tal against Bobby Fischer (Robert James Fischer) where game was change after middle game and his opponent broke down move by move and gradually lost the position. They started game with King Indian Defense; Petrosian variation. Game position of both of player was same untill 22th move but on 23th moves Fischer takes Knight by Queen i.e. 23…….Qxc3;

which was a mistake and Tal took the opportunity and then 24. Bxf5+ Rxf5 25. Qxf5+

And white pressure on Black King. If black could move Kg7 on 24th move


He lost his game because 25. Rg6+ 

 after Rg6+ black play 25……Kh8 26. Rxh6+

then 26…….Kg7 27. Rh7+ Kf6 28. Bd3#

Or 26……..Nxh6 27. Qxh6+ Kg8 28.Qh7#


Or if Black play 25. …….. Kh7 after 25. Rg6+ then  white gave 26. Rxh6+ 

and won the game by following this move 26…….. Kg7 27. Rh7+ Kf6 28. Bb1# If 26……Nxh6 27. Qxh6+Kg8 28. Qh7#

Come to the game

After 25. Qxf5+ Fischer play Kh8 position if Fischer took the King in Kg7 instead of Kh8

it will found blunder because

Tal’s best move was 26. Rg6+ Kh8 27. Qf7  

and white won the position as well as the game and 26…. Kh7, 

 it will found blunder because after two moves black will checkmate by 27. Qf7+ Kh8 forces move then 28. Rxg8# or Qxg8#

But come to the game  after 25……Kh8, Tal gave his best move 26. Rf3

again Fischer makes another mistake he move to Qb2 and put the game down and then 27.Re8 Nf6 28.Qxf6+ Qxf6 29.Rxf6 Kg7 30.Rff8 and after 30th moves Tal won the position and piece.

Mikhail Tal vs Robert James Fischer (Bobby Fischer)

Bled Zagreb Belgrade Candidate (1959)

Result "1-0"

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